Home security is often a top priority for any homeowner. We all want our living space to be a safe haven where we feel comfortable and secure. To ensure that you enjoy your peace of mind at home as often as possible, we’re sharing three of the most common home security weaknesses. Stop the crime before it can happen by addressing these common weaknesses.

Weak Doors

Doors are the most common way that intruders will often enter a home. Most often, they will simply take advantage of an unlocked door to simply sneak in. Ensure all of your doors are locked whenever they are not in use and secured with reliable hardware. In addition to the locks on your doors, you’ll want to ensure that your doors are made from sturdy material and reinforced with strong frames. As the first line of defense for your home security, you don’t want to rely on a weak door protecting your home or loved ones. The addition of a security screen or armored door can be one of the most significant additions to your doors and will add an extra layer of security to your home.

Alarm Mishaps

While alarms can be a helpful addition to your home security, they aren’t the most reliable way to deter criminal activity. In fact, most alarm systems aren’t consistently activated, meaning they can’t do the job they are installed for. It happens more often than we think. We’re in a hurry before leaving for the day and forget to turn on the alarm so it won’t be able to alert authorities of an intrusion, leaving your home unprotected. However, the biggest downside of an alarm system is that they are usually only effective after a break-in has already taken place. Unfortunately, despite their popularity, for them to work, a break-in would have to happen first.

Being Away from Home

Burglars tend to make their move when it is most convenient, and there is a lower risk of getting caught. While it may be tempting to post pictures on social media while out on vacation, this can be an easy tip to burglars that you’re away from home. If you are away from home for an extended period, take a few steps to protect your home security.

  • Avoid posting to social media before and during your vacation.
  • Have someone collect your mail or newspapers to prevent them from building up.
  • Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home and check-in if possible.

Even these small things can help give the illusion that someone is still in the house, even though you may be out on the beach instead.

When it comes to home security, nobody does it better than Guardian Security Screens! With a variety of options to protect your home, you can rest easy knowing that your armored doors will stand up to outside threats. Contact us today and discover how we can help you keep your home secure.