3 Most Vulnerable Home Entry Points

The most vulnerable home entry points are actually the ones that we use every day. Doors, windows, and garages are three of the most common ways that an intruder will try to use to enter a home. Knowing what the most vulnerable home entry points are ahead of time allows you to take the necessary steps to secure them and prevent potential incidents from occurring.


A study conducted by ADT found that approximately 34% of burglars use the front door as an entry point to a home, while 22% use the back door. These two home entry points combined tell us that more than half of the intruders will enter a home through the doors, making them the most vulnerable entry point of a home.

Most often, criminal entries through a door aren’t actually break-ins. Instead, criminals often use doors because they are the most convenient way to get into a home. In many cases, burglars will check to see if doors are left unlocked and then simply take advantage of an opportunity. In order to secure your home, one of the best things that you can do is remember to lock your doors any time that you leave the house. In addition to having and using your locks, adding home security measures can make it more difficult for potential intruders to enter your home. A strong security screen or smart locks will help protect your home and add to the value of your home.


While you may not be using your windows to get into your home, it doesn’t mean that others might not try it. First-floor windows are the next most vulnerable home entry point. Windows not only serve as a potential way for intruders to enter a house, but they also offer a way for them to scope out your belongings and make their plans.

Similar to doors, an unlocked window allows easy access for burglars, so be sure to lock your windows after each time they are opened. Because glass is also easy to break, thieves can quickly break standard glass and open the window themselves. The addition of security glass, window films, or security screens can all be great ways to deter or even stop burglars from breaking into your home.


The next most vulnerable home entry point is your garage. While the design and accessibility of a garage might make it seem secure, the design can actually work against it. In fact, some garages can be opened from the outside using only a coat hanger. Once a burglar has access to your garage, they have options; stealing items from your garage or entering your home from an unlocked garage door are just two possibilities.

As we’ve mentioned above, always make sure that your doors are locked. It may seem inconvenient to lock the door between your home and the garage, but doing so could make all the difference if a burglar gains access to your garage. Whenever you come into or leave your garage, ensure that the door completely closes before going inside or driving away, so intruders don’t have easy access to your belongings. To prevent break-ins to your garage, you can remove the cord from the release lever to make it more difficult to open from the outside.

Secure Your Home Entry Points

Taking preemptive measures can make all the difference in securing the vulnerable entry points to your home. At Guardian Security Screens, we offer the strongest solutions to protect your weak home entry points. From Armored Doors to Siege Security Glass, we have various home security options that you can add to your home. Contact us today and discover how we at Guardian Security Screens can help you secure your home.