3M, founded 114 years ago, is the company behind trusted household brands such as Post-It, Scotch, Scotch-Brite, Nexcare, Filtrete, Command, and ScotchBlue.

Not many companies have brands whose names have become synonymous with the product. Think… Scotch tape. You probably don’t know anyone who actually calls the product “pressure-sensitive tape” or “adhesive tape.”

3M invented window films 50 years ago and have continued to innovate and improve products since then.

More commonly referred to as tint, window films actually are available in clear or sun control options. Sun control films are darkened films that aid in sun and heat control by blocking light and UV transmission.

Safety and security films are those that are designed to hold glass together for various applications.

Homes and businesses may elect to have security film installed to protect against spontaneous glass breakage, injury from natural phenomena (hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, wind, earthquakes), or even injury from bomb blasts. All of these applications also make security film suitable for… security.

The use of 3M safety and security films on residential and commercial glass surfaces can do wonders in deterring the average smash and grab burglary.

Safeguard your belongings by making it more difficult for a thief to get inside. Most people think of home security in terms of door locks and window sensors. But what happens when someone decides to throw your own lawn chair through your back sliding glass door? Sure, it’ll make a lot of noise. But think of your own neighborhood. Most people are gone during the day at work or school. If a sliding glass door breaks and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

This is where 3M safety and security films come in. The window film will prevent the glass surface from completely falling away allowing easy access to the inside. The criminal will have to work at it to gain entry. For the typical smash and grab burglar, this is enough to startle them enough to think twice. Combine this with a glass break sensor through a monitored system (either by a company or by you), the notifications are sent out before anyone is inside.

3M safety and security films are a great way to increase your home or business’ security without making permanent changes to the structure.

Available in clear or sun control options, all 3M films block 99% of UV rays, which also helps in the prevention of fading and sun damage.

The upfront price for installation and the price to replace a broken window or door in the event of an attempted break-in is much less than the cost to replace all of your belongings, and most importantly, your sense of safety.