The most common comment we hear from people regarding home or business security is, “But I already have an alarm system!”

Alarm systems are very useful and indispensable in catching criminals in the act. But there’s the catch, they’re already in the act.

An alarm will go off only when there is a breach in the home security system – a window is already broken, a window or door is already open, or a motion sensor has already been activated. All of this means that the perimeter of the structure has been breached. What does that mean? You guessed it… the intruder is already inside!

With other security measures, such as security window film and security screens and doors, the would-be burglar is kept on the outside for as long as possible.

Hoping that they will decide your home or business is just too much work to get into and not worth the effort. Most burglars are looking for an easy “score” and the longer they linger where they do not belong, the greater the risk of attracting unwanted attention and being caught.

The best option is to use of combination of security measures. For example, a glass break sensor will still activate and alert the alarm company if someone tries to break a window that has security film. In this scenario the burglar attempts to make entry by breaking a window. The glass will break, activating the alarm system. However, the intruder in still on the outside. As the burglar works to get through the security film, the alarm is sounding and, if it’s a monitored system, hopefully the authorities are being notified that an event is in progress.

The combination of security window film working in conjunction with an alarm system substantially reduces the chances of a successful entry.

The use of security film with a glass break sensor actually helped prevent a break-in recently at one of our customer’s businesses. An attempt to break the storefront door was made and this set off the sensor, which alerted the alarm company and the business owner. This prevented a possible loss of equipment, merchandise, and sensitive information critical to their customers and operations.

An alarm will only tell you when someone is already IN YOUR HOME. Cameras will only show you a grainy picture of the crime while it occurred. Upgrade your entry points before investing money on an alarm system or cameras. Upgrade your door jamb with a security screen door or a door jamb upgrade kit. Secure the windows in your home with security window film or security screens.