A person activating an alarm system

The most common comment that we hear from people regarding their home or business security is, “but I already have an alarm system.” While owning a security system has become increasingly popular among homeowners, are they really the best way to protect your home from intruders? Alarm systems are really only effective once the system has been set off. This means that the intruder will have already broken your doors or windows and entered your home.

Proactive or Reactive

When most people install a security system, it’s with the idea that it will help prevent break-ins to their homes. While knowing the house has an alarm system may deter some burglars, more often than not, it won’t stop them from trying to break in. In fact, having a dog or even just leaving your TV on can be better deterrents to criminals.

The truth of the matter is that alarms work best once the break-in has already happened, and by the time you or the police arrive at the scene, the burglar could already be gone with your belongings.

False Alarms

Sometimes, alarm systems are a little too good in their niche. This could lead to your security system being tripped in the middle of the night by kids, pets, or late-night trips for a glass of water. While it may be reassuring that your system is detecting the motion in your home, it could also become inconvenient having to deactivate the alarm in the middle of the night for false alarms.

Keeping the Alarm System Set

One of the biggest flaws of relying on a security system is that they are vulnerable to human error. For a system to work effectively, it has to be activated. Sometimes, as humans, we may forget to activate the alarm before leaving for work or getting in bed. Doing this leaves your home unprotected and vulnerable to any intruders in the area.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

While the addition of a security system can be helpful, it shouldn’t be your only line of defense from intruders. The addition of armored doors or security screens on your windows can make all the difference in preventing burglaries. At Guardian Security Screens, we provide the security solutions that will eliminate your home’s weak points and protect what you care about most. Contact us today to find the security solution that’s right for your home!