Peace of mind is something that we all want to feel when knowing that our home is protected.

Whether we are inside or away, it is important to know that our living space is secured from unwanted intruders. While most burglars won’t enter a home while there are people inside, it is a different story when the residents are away. Protecting your home shouldn’t mean that you have to be there the entire time. That’s why we’re sharing 3 things you can do to help protect your home while you’re away.

Keep Your Plans on the Down-Low

While we may want to share our excitement for our plans with those around us, it can be one of the easiest ways for potential intruders to know you aren’t home. Oftentimes, intruders will take the steps to research and scope out their targets. In some cases, this can even mean looking into the homeowner’s social media accounts. If you are posting to social media while on your trip to share with your friends or family, you could also be sharing with a potential burglar that you are away. Limiting who you tell about your plans and waiting until you return home to post about them on social media can be crucial to protecting your home while you are away.

Involve Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors and forming a network can be a great help when it comes time for you to be away from home. If you have neighbors that you feel comfortable asking for help with, let them know about your plans and see if they can help you keep an eye on your home. Not only will they know that you are away and can watch your home for any kind of suspicious activity, but they may even be able to help provide the illusion that someone is at your home. Simple things like having them collect your mail or turn the lights on can make it seem like you are still around even though you aren’t.

Invest in Security

While investing money in security is going to be the most costly, it is also one of the most effective when it comes to protecting your home while you are away. A simple lock on a door may not be enough to stop an intruder who is determined to get into your home, that’s where other measures come into play. Having sturdy security screens on your doors and windows will make it more difficult for burglars to enter. The challenge can often make breaking and entering unappealing to most criminals.

Whether you’re protecting while your home or away, there are various options that you can take to ensure that your space is secure. At Guardian Security Screens we offer several options that will help secure your doors and windows to keep what’s inside protected. Whether you’re looking for armored doors or siege security glass, we provide the security measures that will let you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a safe home. Contacts us today and discover what we can do to help you secure your home.