Stay Informed on Crime in Your Area

It’s no secret: crime rates in our neighborhoods are increasing. As the number of crimes increase, it is crucial that we keep track of what is happening around us. In this article, we will go over some of the options available for you to help stay up to date with what is happening on your street. Luckily, here are some resources for you to use to make this task less daunting.

FBI Crime Data Explorer

The FBI has created a data sharing platform that works with law enforcement agencies to simplify the search of criminal and noncriminal activities. This platform creates graphs and other data files to for information to be easily visualized.


SpotCrime generates a visually palatable map displaying crimes that have happened in a specific area. To use this resource, simply input your address or zip code, and a map will generate showing what crimes have happened around that location. Use this information to keep up with what is happening around you


AreaVibes gives each neighborhood a unique score, based on crime rates, cost of living, and many other factors. This resource is especially useful when searching for new places to live or move to. While the crime maps are not as descript as some others, this offers a great place to refer to when searching for new homes.

These are just a few options for you to keep track of crime in your area. While this information is a fantastic start, just the information alone does not keep you safe. We strongly recommend that you look into securing your home once you have looked at the crime in your area. We offer Free estimates on security screens and security film on securing your home.