Summer Security

As the summer heat continues to affect us all, it is imperative to remember crime is increasing right alongside it. Here are some things you can do to take preventative action to keep your home safe and secure. By being ahead of the game, you can prevent loss of valuables, time, and headaches of dealing with a break-in.

Get a pet!

A study from KGW8 interviewing burglars states that most burglars will avoid homes completely if the homeowner has a large, loud dog. In the study, one burglar stated, “dogs are a deal breaker for me…Big breeds, home protectors are the best to keep people out.” A dog brings attention to the burglar, which is exactly what they want to avoid.

Light up your property

As stated in our previous blog post, light is often a burglar’s biggest nightmare. Having automatic lights installed in the rear of the home, or along corridors on the sides of the home that are out of street view. These, while being the most common break-in points, are also often where we lack security. While a camera system, or a security screen on the front door is a great start, it is cardinal to secure the back and sides of the home.

Secure your home with screens or film

A great option for your home is security screens or window film for your windows and doors. Most burglars are looking to get in, grab, and get out. If you have secured windows and doors, many burglars will simply move on to the next option. Time is your best friend when it comes to home security. The longer it takes someone to get through a window or door, the more likely they will be on their way. Some other options for home protection are steel or metal doors, armored doors, or security glass. We value your home security. Our primary focus is to make your home feel safe and bring peace of mind to our customers. Give us a call at 702.383.5092 or send us an email at for a free quote.