You have been burglarized. Now what?

So, you have been burglarized and now you are reading these lines? Very good! It means you are researching solutions, so it doesn’t happen again. This page will give you the best solutions so you can protect your family or your employees in the safest way.

2 Real Solutions

To keep it simple, you need to find a way to considerably slow down any attempt to break in to discourage burglars and save your asset, whether it is a business or your home. Cameras and alarms are great, but they do not PREVENT a burglar to break in. Here, we want to give you the real solution, so a burglary DOES NOT HAPPEN.

You really have only 2 choices when it comes to prevention: security screens or security films, for doors and windows. You can choose one or the other, or even both. It all depends on your finances.

  1. Security Film: the most affordable solution

Security films are designed to be resistant to impact and cut. If someone tries to break in, these films will considerably slow down their break-in attempt to a point where there are great chances they give up. It takes on average an intruder 10 seconds to break into a house with no window or door protection. With a security film, it takes more than 2 minutes for a burglar to break the film (consider at least 10/12 microns of thickness, not less). Guardian Security Screens supplies security thicker films. 

  1. Security Screens: The upscale solution

Security Screens for Doors and Windows are customed made to cover all sizes. It takes more than 10 minutes in the best-case scenario for a thief to break in. It is more than enough to discourage 99% of opportunist burglars. Clearly, the ultimate solution to not being a victim of home or business invasion again.

Be careful though: all screens are not made equal. No embedded frame, no metallic frame, weak metallic grid, not cut resistant…

Guardian Security Screens partnered up with the world-leading screen manufacturer, Crimsafe©, to bring Las Vegas residents the kind of protection that will deter any burglar to invade homes and offices. The reason for their success comes from the technology used. Their ultra-resistant screens are embedded inside a strong metal frame, which forces the burglar to fight the screen resistance rather than exploiting a weak point.  

From a financial standpoint, security is not a place to save money here and there. It is a place where you want to go to the best, period. Look at cheap helmets for motorcycle riders and catastrophes in case of accidents. Same here: cheap screens and films come with cheap protection. Rather than playing with the security of your family, Guardian Security Screens offers the best films and screens and has financing solutions that would make your security the best with a low monthly payment.

Do the math: spending money on cheap security (compliances and lifetime warranties are not what prevent thieves to burglarize your home) and being burglarized again would cost you a lot more than top protection and no burglaries. We all agree on that!